These are just some of the professionals that are part of the team at Monique Happy Editorial Services. We always put together the people you can work with to achieve your personal goals — whatever they are.



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Monique Happy

Monique has been an editor, packager, publisher and — maybe most important of all — a professional and personal support for authors and niche publishers for more than ten years. She’s worked for both Permuted Press and Post Hill Press as a trusted colleague and affiliate, and directly with literally hundreds of authors, from best-sellers to beginners, to help them produce exaclty the book they want to — ready for agents or publishers, ready for self-publication, ready for anything. Over the years, she’s emphasized work in fantasy, thrillers, horror, post-apocalyptic fiction, and political fiction and non-fiction, but she’s happily handled everything from memoirs to how-to cookbooks. And over the years she’s developed an impressive network of fellow professionals, from developmental editors to designers to photographers and illustrators that she can pull together at any time — a unique “team” approach that has helped her build a sterling reputation in a very volatilve industry.

Alice Munson, Copy Editor

Alice is a talented and experienced copy editor and writer herself, with an awesome eye for details and a deep understanding of storytelling, as well as an extensive background in fantasy (classic, contemporary, urban — all of it), action/adventure, science fiction, and horror. She also has a special love for anime, the internet, and pop culture in general, and that knowledge shows in her work. Her only flaw is that she’s camera shy. This is the last known photograph of her, taken roughly a quarter-century ago. But it’s accurate.

Kelly Martin, Cover Design

Kelly brings an artist’s eye and a marketing perspective to every project, and the hundreds of covers she’s produced in the last few years has run the gamut from science fiction, horror, and post-apocalyptic adventure to memoirs, “chick lit,” and biographies. Nothing seems to faze her. She also has qualities that are rare among artists and designers: She’s fast, flexible, and unfailingly reliable. It shows in her client list: The vast majority weren’t simply satisfied; they’ve come back for more and referred other writers to her over and over. She’s that good … and we’re lucky to have her. 

Just some of the covers Kelly has done … 

Christian Bentulan, Cover Designer

Around here, we call Christian “The Master of Photoshop.” We’ve been working with him for years, and it’s reached the point that we simply cannot tell how much of this is hand-work, photography, or digital enhancement created by an expert. And … it doesn’t matter. Since his earliest days (when we were fortunate enough to find him), Christian has built the most amazing covers, often quite literally from nothing. No two are alike, but all of them are alive with energy and promise. Today he has a thriving business and a long list of successes … and he still works with us, at reasonable rates, because that’s just the kind of awesome dude he is. Cheerful, responsive, and ready for anything: That’s Christian. One of a kind.  

Just some of the covers Christiahas done … 

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